As everyone is aware the UK has been in lockdown since March. Slowly but surely the UK is lifting restrictions albeit at different times across the devolved nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

When will you be open?

On the 10th June the Scottish government gave a date of 15th July for tourism to restart which is great news. Since then, on the 24th of June, they have added more detail and have advised that self-catering accommodation can open from the 3rd July with Bed and Breakfast businesses able to operate from the 15th as previously stated.

In order to prepare and to comply with all new guidance and cleaning protocols GRASMHOR will be open from the 1st August.

For the whole of the UK, tourism and all its associated businesses has been on hold. Now we have a date to work towards, subject to no hiccups or second waves to put things back. When it is time to restart, our visitors are most likely to be the Staycationers, people from the UK only, mainly due to the quarantine rules that were put into place on the 8th June, effectively making a visit from overseas impractical. This may change in time for the scheduled restart on the 15th July.

The Scottish government had told us that there was hope for at least some of the season to be open to visitors, albeit it was likely this was going to be autumn onwards. This new development is therefore ahead of that earlier 'roadmap' , so fingers crossed.

Can I make a booking?

If you are reading this you may be doing so to try and understand whether you can make a booking for dates later this year, or into 2021.

I am now happy to do so and with Covid Safe guidelines having been issued in relation to cleaning protocols and general daily operations everything to ensure your safety will be in place by the 1st August.


If you do decide you would like to secure a booking here at GRASMHOR then please use the contact form as normal. No deposit will be taken as you would be making it on the understanding that if accommodation providers are still not allowed to accept visitors or the country has had to revert to a national or local lockdown then I would need to contact you to cancel your dates. Naturally this is something outside of my control so your understanding in this matter would be essential.

For 2021 I am assuming that tourism, in whatever form that will take, will be back, albeit to a new ‘normal’. As such if you do want to plan ahead then please get in touch to secure your dates. Once again, no deposit will be taken in these circumstances.

How safe will it be?

Please be assured that here at GRASMHOR I will operating in line with government guidelines in respect of social distancing and cleanliness requirements, which will be far greater than normal, in the case of hygiene specifically. To the extent that is reasonably possible, your safety is assured while in the house.

It will mean your experience here, and in all other places you visit, will be different to normal but hopefully not abnormal enough to spoil your enjoyment. This is soemthing all of us will have to get used to over the coming months until a vaccine is available.

So, I do hope that I will get to meet some of you later this year, albeit mostly from a safe social distance, or if not in 2021, but until then please stay safe.


GRASMHOR Covid-19 Protocols